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Monday, January 26, 2009

Code snippets

I like anything which makes my day easier. Code snippets are one of these things. You can make your own code-snippets by editing xml directly, using the code snippet schema reference, or you could use a tool. Snippet Editor is just such a tool. With it making and editing snippets is dead simple!

One thing I've noticed with it, though, is that you cannot make a "SurroundsWith" snippet in this tool. To do this you have to edit the xml yourself. It's easy when you know how - just add the following to the header section of your snippet definition:


And in your snippet section you add selected and end fields where you would insert the code you want to surround with the snippet (the following example would surround the selected code with curly braces).

<Code Language="csharp" Kind="method body" Delimiter="$">
<![CDATA[{ $selected$ $end$}]]>

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