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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was trying to find some sources on this .NET thing yesterday when it struck me. Podcasts!

So, I get on the almighty google, and search for .net podcasts. Lots of other stuff pops up, but one seems genuinely interesting. The podcast is called .NET Rocks!, and it piqued my interest at one particular item.

They've interviewed Venkat Subramanian and Andrew Hunt on Agile. These two have written a book I've been reading lately, Practices of an Agile Developer. It's a tour of good practices and gotchas of agile development, and I really do recommend it. I got it as a gift for helping with the running of the ROOTS conference here in Bergen, Norway last year.

So, naturally, I got the feed and downloaded a couple of the more interesting-sounding shows to my player (no, not an iPod, it's a Zen). This may turn out to be a long and happy listenership. It seems .NET -developers are a really fun and happy bunch (well, judging from the shows I've heard so far). Maybe this won't be painful after all...

Quote of the day:
I used to tell my students that if you are just starting out in .NET your boss is going to be giving you a little bit of leeway but your boss would better spend their money by sending you to the beach with the specs for the System .NameSpace. Just have you read it for a week because you are going to make up that time many, many times over by knowing that what you’ve done.
-Carl Franklin

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